“KRD” is a WFTDA affiliated roller derby league in Kingston, Ontario. We have one home team, one junior team, and a charter team, our events are jam-packed with talent and style.









So, Who Are We?

The idea for a Kingston roller derby league had been floating around for a few years when, in the fall of 2009, three local derby fanatics decided it was time to stop talking and give it a go. The trio set a couple of registration dates in March 2010, hoping to get 20 skaters so that they could cover the rink rental costs. By the end of the second night, over 60 skaters had signed up. As they had hoped, Kingston was ready for derby. KRD was born.

Since then, our skaters have put hundreds of hours into on- and off-skate training and conditioning, and have participated in intensive roller derby camps in Ontario, Quebec, New England, Las Vegas, and beyond. As a result of this rigorous training, our skaters have been formidable opponents to teams from many other leagues, and all of our teams are climbing in the international derby rankings.

The league continues to thrive as a not-for-profit, DIY, skater-run organization. Members putting in countless hours off the track in committees and on a Board of Directors, to keep the league going strong. Together we have built a competitive sports league, based on feminist principles of inclusion and equality that works to inspire women to achieve a high level of athleticism and self-confidence.

Our teams train intensively both off the track and on, and can’t wait to show you what we’re made of this season!


Roller Derby Basics

Two 15-skater teams play two 30-minute periods. Each period consists of multiple “jams.” Each jam is an opportunity for both teams to score points, and ends after 2 minutes or when the Lead Jammer calls off the jam.

It is legal for a skater to block opponents with their hips, rear, and shoulders. It is not legal to block to the back, to trip, elbow, or to back talk officials. Players committing illegal actions are penalized 30 seconds and their team plays short for that time.