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This is not your daddy’s Roller Derby!

Roller Derby is a full contact sport where two teams of 5 face off against each other in 2 minute “jams”. Of the five players fielded at one time, you’ve got a Jammer, a Pivot, and three Blockers. Each player has a specific function; the Jammer is the point scorer and their goal is to race the other Jammer in laps around the track scoring points for every opposing player passed, while avoiding the Blockers, who are attempting to stop the opposing Jammer, while the Pivot plays as a Blocker until the Jammer gets stuck and needs help. Complicated? Absolutely!

Come watch a game or two and sit next to the family of one of our players, they’re always happy to explain the game if you need help!

…or watch Whip It like most of our players!

We run 101 Camps for prospective members, whether you’re wanting to join one our teams, or you’re wanting to learn the game to become a referee. Contact us to find out when the next session is available.

We look forward to having you join our pack!

Kingston's Home For Roller Derby